Pure. Simple. Amazing.

Mir is located in Mt. Vernon, Indiana nestled near the banks of the Ohio River that divides Indiana and Kentucky. Our hemp products only use Kentucky grown industrial hemp.

Why Kentucky? Kentucky has quietly been the industry leader growing industrial hemp in the United States since 2014. States that had grown legal marijuana were not allowed to grow industrial hemp until recently. Colorado made it legal to grow hemp in April, 2018 and Oregon made it legal to grow hemp in June, 2019. If you used a CBD product in the last 3 to 4 years, chances are you used Kentucky grown hemp. Kentucky is known for the quality of their soil. The nutrients in the soil can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. 

At Mir, we have made a commitment to bringing a quality, pure CBD product to our customers. We limit our CBD tincture to 3 ingredients: organic hemp oil, CBD oil and natural flavorings. That’s it. There are no artificial dyes. There is no glycerin, coconut oil or olive oil diluting the benefits of the CBD. No preservatives are added. We do this so you get all of the wellness benefits of full spectrum CBD. There is no guesswork in our products. 

What Is Important

You want to know what you’re buying when it comes to CBD. That’s important to us too. With Mir, the strength of CBD in the bottle is clearly labeled and each bottle comes with an easy-to-read dropper so you know how much you’re taking. All of our tinctures are in 1 oz. bottles regardless of the CBD strength. We don’t use big bottles because we don’t add fillers. A bigger bottle doesn’t mean a stronger CBD strength. Our CBD cream is popular among customers. Many use it with the tinctures to get the benefits of CBD inside and out.

What Mir Means

Our customers are people that want the best for themselves, their families and their friends. They want to live life on their terms. Mir, the name of our business, actually came from the feedback we got from customers. “Mir” is the Latin word for wonderful, remarkable, extraordinary, amazing. Our customers are often complimentary about our CBD products being better than others they’ve tried, and they’ve been very appreciative of being able to understand exactly what they’re getting in a simple way. Our oil is pure and not diluted. This means the phytocannabonoids (a fancy name for cannabinoid aka CBD), terpenes, and flavonoids providing the wellness benefits that are found in industrial hemp plants are all in there and are not diluted with a bunch of other stuff. No artificial color or preservatives are used. All of Mir’s CBD tinctures are full spectrum. All of our tinctures are in 1 oz bottles because we do not use fillers to dillute the strength. We don’t need bigger bottles. A bigger bottle doesn’t mean stronger CBD.

There is no guesswork  in the strength you’re getting in our CBD tinctures.

From Our Customers

This is the BIG guns here! I have tried several CBD products and none compare to MIR

– Catherine

I recommend this MIR product to everyone. I will NOT be WITHOUT it!!

– Theresa

Great product!

– Todd

Bulk Orders?

For bulk orders email us at sales@ordermir.com