“Live your life on your terms. Be You! Be Extraordinary!”  These are messages we use every day in our marketing. These are the messages we want to reach our customers with. We developed these messages with the feedback from our customers: “I just want to live a really good life and enjoy my friends and my family.” There is no mention of making a million dollars a month, there is no mention of traveling in a rocket ship. Just living a good life. A quality life and not quantity.

As we’ve grown as a company and received feedback from our customers, we celebrate their accomplishments in life right along with them. One customer reported shopping all day and not being in pain. Her face lit up as she told me about her day. How wonderful she felt moving and remaining pain free through her excursion.  I had another gentleman share with me his love of fishing but rheumatoid arthritis removed that passion out of his life until he was introduced to Mir’s full spectrum oil. He called to let us know he went fishing for a week in Florida and felt wonderful. He hadn’t been fishing in over a decade but now was able to return to the sport he loves so much.

As we’ve met our customers and gotten to know them, they all have one singular message: “I want to live the best life I can without being in pain or drugged up.”

Our customer doesn’t run marathons but runs after children and then grandchildren. Our customer isn’t a power lifter but lifts an aging loved one to a standing position. Our customer isn’t changing the world as a corporate CEO but changing the world through their everyday acts of kindness and caring. Our customer is the little ripple that makes big changes in their lives and the lives of others.

And our customer is wanting a reliable quality supplement that allows them to stay independent and mobile minimizing the use of prescription medications. They know prescription medications might do more harm than good. They have had their own personal experiences with negative side effects from medication, either themselves or someone they cared for. They aren’t wanting quantity of life but demanding a quality of life. And they don’t settle.

My team and I knew we needed to bring the best of the best to the market. Best sustainable farming practices, best ingredients, best processing, and more.  We knew we needed to be transparent in what was in our products. And we knew we would have to earn every one of our customers trusts. And we agreed this was our way of doing business. And we have made this dream a reality.

We have easy to read labels, our website is easy to navigate and full of educational information, and our tinctures are limited to 3 ingredients that are grown in North America.  These are just a few of the things we have done. If I listed it all, this blog would be so much more boring! 

As our customers share their feedback with us, we celebrate their accomplishments. They report enjoying the little things in life again. Walking, going fishing, being more social again, and more. We do get the feedback from our more athletic customers. They report increase in recovery time between workouts (not experiencing the level of soreness like they did before using our supplements). All our customers report cuts, burns, and other injuries healing quicker. We celebrate all these accomplishments as well.

But our overall customer is enjoying their life again on their terms. And those terms include using Mir’s all-natural CBD full spectrum oil and CBD cream. Their mobility has increased, making moving easy again. They’ve resumed activities like shopping and fishing. Things that brought pain to them before using our products, are now giving them a sense of accomplishment and living their life to the fullest and enjoying it again. It’s the little things in life that make your life so big. Live your life on your terms. Be You! Be Extraordinary!