CBD supplements are the newest hot button to add to your daily regiment but before you try to purchase this supplement keep these points in mind.

First and foremost, the labels need to be easy to ready. Does it clearly state CBD oil or hemp oil? If the label states hemp oil, you need to be aware there is no cbd oil in that product. When we designed our product labels that was our goal: to clearly communicate what is in the bottle. Our milligrams(mg) are stated on the front of our bottles and the milligrams stated are what is in the total bottle, not per dose. Some companies are selling low mg levels at a high price and show milliliters(ml) per dose strength. Here is how you can figure both ways out:

If the bottle states 750mg that is the total in that bottle, flip over to the back of the bottle and see what the serving size is. Keep in mind that a 1-oz bottle has a typical 30 servings. If you take 750mg/30=25mg per dropperful. If the bottle is showing strength size per dose, look at the serving size again and do the math: 5mg * 30= 150mg total strength is in that bottle.

All of Mir’s products come in 1-oz bottles for a reason: product purity. A larger bottle is not an indication of a stronger strength of CBD. If you find a high strength that’s been flavored, it isn’t as strong as you might think. CBD oil has a very strong earthy taste and the stronger the CBD, the stronger the taste. Our chemist was honest with us and advised us not to offer flavors in anything over 750mg because she would need to add more flavoring and carrier oil to disguise the taste. This would make the oil weaker because it was diluted by adding more filler (bigger bottles for more flavoring). I am a visual person and didn’t understand what she was talking about until I found a bottle of 3600mg that was flavored on the market. Being competitive, I wanted to offer the stronger flavor strength but when I looked closely at the bottle here is what I discovered:

3600mg/120=30mg per dose(strength) while our strongest 2400mg/30=80mg per dose. The light bulb went off. The 4oz 3600mg bottle was touted by the sales rep as the top of the line and strongest one out there. Looking at the overall bottle strength, he was right but per dose strength the smaller bottle was the winner and more than double in strength. Not only that but the price of the 3600mg was over $450.

The next thing to look for is what type of CBD oil is it. Simply put: is it full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate, or what? The full spectrum oil has all the flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amount of THC levels. Broad spectrum oil is the process of removing the THC levels and this reduces the flavonoids and terpenes in the oil. An isolate is the CBD oil being reduced to a powder. This process is done through a heating process and cooking the oil down to a powder form. It was thought to be a stronger concentration of CBD but now that has been dismissed. The isolate actually removes more flavonoids and terpenes making it less effective. If an oil claims to be water soluble, it is an isolate and cannot be full spectrum. Always remember: oil and water can’t mix. I am also seeing product labels stating hemp oil mg in different products. If it states hemp oil in the product and does not state CBD oil you must assume there is no CBD oil in that product. I came across a bottle that state 3600mg hemp oil (it was in a 1-oz bottle) and upon closer inspection discovered no CBD oil, just hemp oil. Hemp oil is a great healthy oil but this company charged way too much for hemp oil and sunflower oil tincture and the consumer thought they had purchased CBD oil. They did not.  

As you look at the ingredients on the label, just like in our food, less ingredients are better. At Mir we wanted only 3 ingredients in every bottle and here are our ingredients: organic hemp seed oil, hemp derived CBD, natural flavorings. In other brands I’ve seen sweeteners added, various oils ranging from sunflower oil to coconut oil, glycerin, and more. We use hemp oil because of its health properties in lowering blood pressure, reducing bad cholesterol, and a natural blood thinner. Hemp oil only has a nine-month shelf life and we don’t use preservatives in our tinctures so it is important for our products not to sit in a warehouse.

There are a lot of CBD supplement products in the market right now. I hope this helps you read those countless labels and you are better informed as a consumer. Please remember to make sure you can figure out the total mg in the bottle, the milliliters per serving, the ingredients, and what type of CBD oil (full or broad spectrum, isolate) in your supplements. If a company doesn’t clearly state the contents in the bottle, don’t buy it. And as always, we are here to help answer your questions.