I’m still coming across so much wrong information on the internet and among print journals. If you don’t have a strong enough understanding of the family of cannabis plants, it would be easy to think most articles are discussing marijuana. The majority of articles are discussing the benefits of hemp.  


The first two things most people think of is marijuana and THC when I begin talking to the about CBD oil products. Most people don’t understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is also known by Cannabis Indica and hemp is known by Cannabis Sativa. While they are both related, their functions are vastly different. Marijuana is high in THC levels and low in CBD oil. The CBD oil that is being sold in the United States is harvested from hemp. Hemp produces high levels of CBD oil and is low in THC levels. Hemp is also legal on a federal level in ALL 50 states. Marijuana is legal in a handful of states and illegal in all 50 states on a federal level. Mir only uses hemp in our products.

Second misconception is the legality of hemp. The Farm Bill Act of 2018 was signed into law December, 2018. The Farm Bill Act of 2018 made hemp legal in all 50 states on a federal level. States are legalizing hemp growth through individual state legislation. Since 2014 Kentucky legalized hemp growing and has quietly been the leader in the quality of seeds, plants, and products. In April 2018, Colorado made it legal to grow hemp and in 2019 Oregon made it legal to grow hemp. Other states are looking at legalizing hemp farming.

Third misconception: side effects of CBD has been listed to include overeating, nausea, fatigue, and irritability. This is way off. CBD products don’t induce the munchies. It has been proven to reduce stress and if you are a stress eater, this could translate into not reaching for candy or ice cream when stressed out. CBD is known to help with nausea and irritability not cause it. Fatigue? It does help with insomnia, so if you take it because you can’t sleep, you might become tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. It is a natural blood thinner and is known to reduce blood pressure.  If you are taking prescription medication for blood pressure or a blood thinner work closely with your doctors when you start taking CBD products. If you take CBD products and are worried about the side effects here they are: diarrhea. If you take too much or it doesn’t work for you this is the only known side effect to date. I’ll keep you posted if this information changes.

Here is what we do know: CBD products help with inflammation, anxiety, stress, autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV dementia, insomnia, and more. I’ve witnessed tremors from Parkinson’s subsiding. I have had our customers share their stories of sleeping through the night and waking up pain free. I have had women share with me their moods have lifted out of depression or irritability.

Information vs Misinformation

I am still surprised at the misinformation surrounding hemp and hemp products. Hemp isn’t the same as marijuana although they are from the same plant family. As I stated earlier, they function completely different from each other.

Here is what I know about Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil tinctures from my own personal experience. I sleep better taking my tincture before bed. I have never woken the next day and experienced being groggy from taking my CBD oil the night before.  During the day I take half a dropper and I can focus and I am able to stay on task. Before a speaking engagement, half a dropper takes away nerves and any fears (that internal voice we all have is detrimental sometimes, isn’t it?). My blood pressure is perfect. If I get a cut, it does bleed easier but skin abrasions heal faster and scarring is reduced. My nails and hair grow faster. My hair is thicker. I am happier. When I have stressed my muscles, I take my tincture and am surprised I don’t experience sore muscles. And I have never worked on something and the next day looked at it and wonder what I was thinking. Ever.

What to Look For

When it comes to CBD products and other supplements like vitamins remember none of it is regulated by the FDA and right now it is the wild west with CBD products. The labels are inconsistent and are hard to understand. Some brands put per dose strength on the front of the bottle, while other companies put total strength on the front of the bottle. Then there is the CBD oil itself.

There are different types of CBD oil: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates. Each of these oils are processed differently and the body reacts differently with each one. I’m seeing isolate products with the label of being full spectrum. Here is a clue: if the tincture is clear, it is made with an isolate. If it can be eaten in a cookie or other edible, it is an isolate. If a company claims “to start with a full spectrum oil” chances are it’s an isolate. If it is THC free it is a broad-spectrum oil.

If it is cheap, don’t buy it. I’ve had so many conversations that start with:

“I can get CBD oil for $25 at the gas station. It’s being sold everywhere.”

Without hesitation I respond: “I wouldn’t give that crap to my dog; let alone I take it myself.” They are always surprised at my reaction. Here is why I so strongly feel this way.

Where is the CBD oil coming from? There are a lot of cheap imported CBD oils and products flooding the US market right now. Buy your CBD products from a reliable source grown in North America. This is very important.

What facility is processing the hemp products? Mir hired an FDA approved facility to make our products. You would be surprised at the products being created in people’s home kitchens, pole barns, and garages. If a company doesn’t hire an FDA approved facility to manufacture their products, don’t buy it.

How is the oil extracted? Our manufacturer uses a CO2 extraction process. This is the cleanest way to extract the oil, it is also the most expensive process. The other extraction process is through ethanol extraction (sometimes butane is used). This process leaves amounts of ethanol or butane in the tincture. I don’t want to ingest either of these chemicals trying to stay healthy. Plus, these extraction processes can be done in a garage or pole barn. No clean room, no inspections to ensure quality of product, and no batch testing on these products. Batch testing is important to see what is and isn’t in the products. Did you know currently 75% of tinctures sold in the US market either have no CBD in it or not the correct strength of CBD oil is in it? Batch testing will identify the levels of CBD oil, heavy metals, and more. This is so important.

How many ingredients are in the tincture? Mir only uses organic hemp oil, CBD oil, and natural flavorings. That is it. We didn’t want glycerin, preservatives, sugars, or MCT oil used. We wanted to reap the health benefits both oils possess that are occurring naturally in the hemp plant and we wanted the 2nd ingredient to be CBD oil.  If cannabinoid oil is listed last and 3 to 5 ingredients are listed before CBD oil is listed, don’t buy it. If cannabinoid or CBD oil isn’t listed in the ingredients, don’t buy it.

Why are CBD products so expensive? The old saying: you get what you paid for is so true here. I could have made our bottles larger by adding more ‘stuff’ to our tinctures. I could have used cheaper oils and fillers in our products. I could forgo batch testing. I could have used an isolate powder instead of full spectrum oils and make it taste like candy. It is much cheaper to do all of those things. But this isn’t the product I want to use daily and I don’t want my friends and family taking it either. Quality is so important here.


There is a lot of information and misinformation on the internet. And it all gets so confusing to the point of not purchasing products. Understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. Understand the difference between the 3 types of CBD oils and what health benefits are removed with each process. Look for a company that uses an FDA approved facility, has a money back guarantee, and ingredients are easy to understand (less is more). Find a company that is transparent with their products from the source all the way to understanding their label. At Mir, this is the company we strive to be. Check out our products and see for yourself (www.ordermir.com/shop) .

Be Extraordinary!