I am always asked if CBD oil is effective managing pain for not only humans put pets as well and my answer is always a resounding, “Yes!” I was reminded of how well CBD oil works in managing pain recently when I had my 18 month old Giant Schnoodle, Ziggy, neutered. Upon returning home from the vets following the surgery earlier in the morning, the pain medication they gave him at the vets had worn off. And I realized they had not sent anything home with us to keep him comfortable through the night.

I grabbed a bottle of Mir’s CBD full spectrum oil 750mg natural and gave him a whole dropper full of CBD oil. A full dropper of the 750mg is 25mg of CBD oil per dose. Within a few minutes, he calmed down and slept. I knew the anti-inflammation properties in both oils would work along with CBD oil’s ability to manage pain. Ziggy woke up about every 2.5 to 3 hours in pain, eager to take a dropper full of CBD oil and return to sleep. We repeated this pattern through out the first night following surgery.

The next morning he was still moving slowly and I gave him a dropper full and he laid down. When it was bedtime, he took another dropper full and slept through the night. We followed this pattern for three days and by the 4th day, he was back to his energetic self. I was able to holistically manage his pain using natural ingredients. No binders, no sugar. Just 2 ingredients: hemp oil and CBD oil. That was it. And I knew exactly what I was giving him. No mystery ingredients.

Ziggy still gets a dropper full every day of our Pet Friendly 350mg. He has since he was a puppy. It’s a great supplement for mammals that prevents age related diseases ranging from inflammation, arthritis, and more. And while it works great for Ziggy, our formula works just as effectively for us humans as well. If your dog or cat has pain or stiff joints, it might be time to try Mir’s all natural supplement and if you are wanting to use a natural supplement to improve your health, check out Mir’s all natural CBD oil tinctures.

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