I went to a store this weekend and they had CBD oil. After talking to the shop owner, I told her I had my own line of CBD products grown in Kentucky. I gave her the run down of what quality oil and ingredients I wanted in our tinctures and I believe less is best when it comes to ingredients and reaping the health benefits of CBD tinctures and that is how we came up with our product line.

She asked if I was a farmer. I told her no. She then said, “This line of product we now carry is grown in Kentucky and bottled right on the farm. You are a distributor.”

I replied, “No, I am not a distributor for someone else. This is my product line that I designed with very specific criteria it had to meet.  I started out using a product very similar to this product in your store now. I loved the story of the farmer telling me they harvested the plants and processed them on site and bottled them right where we were standing. I loved it. That was until I began researching the product. While this farmer was great (I love farmers) and the pole barn we were in was nice, it was not an FDA approved facility. It wasn’t clean enough to pass inspection for products that were being ingested by humans.”

She raised an eyebrow and looked at me.

As I delved into the CBD tinctures, being able to read the labels, and understanding the language of industrial hemp, I was amazed at the confusion surrounding hemp and CBD products overall. But more amazed that anyone could start his or her own line of product. After all, I did it. But I started my line because I couldn’t find the quality of product that I would use daily. I wanted my oils grown in Kentucky. Kentucky is famous for its nutrient rich soil. There is nothing like it. Kentucky has been growing hemp since 2014 (in 2018 it became legal to grow hemp in Colorado). I wanted less ingredients in our CBD tinctures. Other CBD products had so much junk in them. They had filler oils that reduced the wellness benefits of CBD and a bunch of added preservatives. I wanted a pure product. I also wanted the products processed in an FDA approved facility. I did not want any unwanted barnyard fillers in our tinctures. Barnyard cross contamination didn’t sound like a good idea, but early on I didn’t realize how important this was.

FDA Facility: What it Really Means

What exactly does FDA approved facility mean? Every time you go to a restaurant or hospital these places must pass an annual FDA inspection. My nephew is an executive chef at an assisted living facility and he is always talking about passing their annual FDA inspection. As I developed my line of CBD products and mentioned the FDA approved facility that would be bottling our tinctures his eyes got big as he said. “That’s huge. That’s the same inspection I have to pass every year. That’s a stamp of approval anyone would want to know about.” Good to know.

An FDA inspection is a rigorous inspection carried out within certain guidelines laid out by the federal government. Key points are cleanliness, sanitation, safety and several others. When it comes to ingesting supplements the first three mentioned above are very important to me. I want my tinctures processed and bottled using stringent guidelines that establish sanitation for our CBD supplements and any supplement I ingest.

When I first started Mir, I didn’t know you could buy CBD oil tinctures in gallon jugs and pour it in your own bottles in your garage, basement, or pole barn until I was told by someone in banking that was approached by other CBD companies. I couldn’t believe it! Not only did I not know this, it never crossed my mind people would do this and sell these subpar supplements to other people. I discovered this bit of information when I was looking for a business account at a bank. The banker asked me about buying gallon jugs and pouring my own bottles. My eyes widen as I asked her if people were really doing this and she nodded her head yes, they were. I told her no way would we ever do that. We have our manufacturer label, pour, and seal our bottles before we ever take possession of our product. When we receive our shipment, it is ready to go out. And our manufacturer is in an FDA approved facility. They must pass inspection every year.

If You are Happy

If you are happy with your current tincture and ok without the use of an FDA facility, keep on using it. If you want a product that has been processed in cleaner conditions, please check out the brand of CBD your using and that the company is utilizing an FDA approved facility. If you want a CBD product from a company committed to transparency in ingredients, smaller bottles for the most potent tincture, that is processed in an FDA approved facility, look to Mir.