I ventured into the local health store this weekend to check out the CBD tinctures and see what the lady behind the counter could inform me of when it comes to the world of CBD products. With my years of retail experience, I am aware of the sales team being the front people who greet the customer and becomes the face of the store and all their products that are stocked. I am also mindful most stores provide little training and these sales associates are thrown into the public with little preparation or support. And this past weekend in the locally owned store didn’t disappoint either of these points.

I headed to the CBD tinctures and the well-stocked inventory tells me this is their hot seller. The sales associate walks over, greets me, and asks what brings me in today. I told her I was curious about CBD products and was wondering what she could share with me about this supplement. As I’m talking, I am looking at the product line and see a lot of products that only have hemp oil and no CBD oil in the products. I’m also seeing a lot of isolate products being sold as full spectrum. Isolate products are CBD products where the CBD has been heated and reduced to a powder and has lost parts of the health benefits in the process. Full spectrum is the CBD oil closest to its natural state with all of the full health benefits of Cannabinoid oil has to offer. I am also seeing broad spectrum being sold as a full spectrum product. Broad spectrum means the trace amounts (0.3% or less) of THC have been removed. When you remove these trace amounts of THC, you reduce the health benefits of the product. Full spectrum is the CBD oil closest to its natural state with all of the full health benefits of CBD. All of Mir’s CBD tinctures are full spectrum.

The sales associate is nice but she has no idea what she is talking about and this becomes very apparent early in our conversation but I let her talk on. She’s rambling about Colorado, water soluble full spectrum oil (chemistry 101: oil and water don’t mix) and lots of other CBD buzz words. I am trying to hold myself back so I can hear her and it is apparent someone has taught her buzz words but she has no idea what they really mean. Then I’m thinking: “I know she is wrong but someone that hasn’t done their research would think she was really knowledgeable on this subject.” And I had a light bulb moment: CBD customers need an advocate. A voice of reason through all this slick marketing and confusing terminology surrounding hemp and hemp products. At Mir we strive to be transparent in our business and we have been conscious of educating the consumer to help them in their buying decision; whether they buy from us or not. An informed person can make a better decision. And when you are trying to be healthy, information is your best defense.

A full spectrum CBD tincture has more minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC in it. It is an oil. If a company is marketing a water-soluble full spectrum oil, put your money back into your wallet. This is an isolate, which means the oil has been heated and turned to a powder form (chemistry 101: oil and water don’t mix). A few years back it was thought that the isolate was a more concentrated form of CBD oil but now it is proven it actually loses some of its health benefits. Hemp and CBD oil have a low heat density and loses minerals, vitamins, and more during the process to make CBD isolate. There is nothing wrong with an isolate product but it isn’t full spectrum and shouldn’t be marketed as that.

Any CBD product where the trace amount of THC has been removed is a broad spectrum oil, not a full spectrum oil. The removal of the THC reduces the effectiveness of the oil. If a company offers THC free full spectrum oil, save your money because they aren’t being transparent with you on what is in their bottle.

If a tincture is labeled as hemp and CBD or cannabinoid oil is not listed on the bottle, regardless of what the sales associate or the search engine (for those of you shopping online) tells you: SAVE YOUR MONEY. This is hemp oil only and there is NO CBD anything in that product. And these bottles costs as much as the CBD oil does. Now if you want to buy only hemp oil for the health benefits, go right on and do it. But if you were led to believe a bottle labeled hemp has CBD oil in it but that ingredient is not listed on the label anywhere, there is NO CBD oil at all in that bottle.

And size does matter in the world of CBD supplements. I love a good bargain and just like you I work hard from my money and I am trying to make the most of every buy I can. But when it comes to the world of CBD tinctures a smaller bottle is your best investment. My first purchase from a company was in a 1-oz bottle and the total strength was 250mg. I loved it and then I noticed they sold 500mg and 1000mg strength. I had great results with the 250mg and thought the 500mg or even the 1000mg would be better, even stronger. But I was wrong. You know why? Each of those strengths were in larger bottles. The 500mg was in a 2-oz bottle and 1000mg was in a 4-oz bottle. In other words, it was the exact same product only larger bottles. I did not go up in strength per dosage. It was the exact same strength per dosage in all 3 tinctures.  But I sure paid a lot more for more oil. Lesson learned the hard way. Mir only uses 1-oz bottles for all their tinctures because size does matter. Whether you buy a 350mg or go all the way to the 2400mg, they are all in a 1-oz bottle. Bigger bottles do not indicate stronger tincture.

As you can see, I have had my fair share of trying to navigate the world of hemp products myself. At Mir we want to be the advocate for you, the consumer. If you have tried CBD oil in the past and didn’t experience any difference in inflammation or other symptoms, please don’t give up. You might not have made the correct decision in your purchase because of the misinformation that is out there. You might have bought an isolate or just hemp oil but were led to believe it was a full spectrum oil. Now you know a little bit more than the sales associate I talked to this weekend and now you can make a more informed buying decision when it comes to CBD oil and CBD products. Be Extraordinary!

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