As I start my day, I reach for two things: my thyroid medicine and my Mir CBD tincture. The tincture has become a part of my daily wellness routine. I started using a CBD supplement almost 3 years ago. I experienced the calming benefits everyone talks about and was happy that I could use a natural supplement, without feeling like I’m in a fog. As I began talking to other people, I would get one of two reactions: wide eye amazement that I would even talk about it or questions because they were looking for a reliable quality CBD supplement but didn’t have the confidence to make that purchase.

As I researched CBD oil I came across study after study that supported all the hype. Maybe this wasn’t just snake oil or placebo effect after all.  I dug deeper into my research and was amazed at the treasure trove of information. I turned to one of my friends and told her about my experience with CBD oil. I thought she would be interested in the information because she has successfully managed her own MLM supplement business. I have always had respect for her and her opinion because she did her research and she knew her stuff. But I discovered she knows a lot about her business and not too much outside of those areas.

I brought up CBD oil and told her I was taking it and how well it was working for me (reduced my anxiety, I was sleeping better, and I was overall just happier). She raised one eyebrow and said, “How safe do you think this is? This is the new ‘it’ on the market. There is little information about this oil. I’d stay away from it until there is more reliable information out there.” I blinked and just looked at her for a moment and then I found myself saying: “There is a patent held by the US government that was registered in 1999. This patent has studies dating back to the early ‘70s. It specifically states CBD oil not only helps but prevents arthritis, autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, reduces inflammation, and more. And there is a study going on by the government of Israel that shows promising results for bone health. The bone study was the one that helped me to incorporate it into my wellness regime.”  She didn’t say anything else and neither did I.

I’ve played this conversation over in my mind because I couldn’t believe how misinformed she was. But then I also realized this one supplement would replace handfuls of vitamins that she sells. CBD oil is known to help with lowering blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol, autoimmune diseases, stress, anxiety, increase focus, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV dementia, sleep disorders, and more. And it does sound like snake oil because it is so versatile and offers so many health benefits for so many different conditions.

But snake oil doesn’t have the studies behind it that CBD oil has. Yes there is the US patent held since 1999 ( ).    And Israel has been studying cannabis plants and CBD oil for decades and their studies are very informative. What about the bone study I mentioned earlier? Here is what I first found out: researches gently broke the femur bones of 3 groups of rats. They were all physically treated the same and the break was fixed the same way but one group was giving traditional pain meds, the 2nd group was given CBD oil, and the 3rd group was given CBD oil & THC (the ingredient in marijuana that is the psychoactive ingredients in it). The 1ST group healed as expected but the last two groups (CBD oil) healed better than the first group. And between the 2 given CBD oil, there was no difference in their healing, leading researchers to make the connection it was the CBD oil and not the THC that made the difference in the healing process. When I found the abstract to the study it mentioned that CBD stimulated the body to produce collagen and this made the bones heal better ( 

Mir is starting to get request for CBD oil because doctors are recommending it to their patients over prescription medications and I applaud these doctors. We had one request from an 82-year-old grandfather who after 25 years found his empty nest being inhabited with teenage grandchildren. After requesting something for his nerves, his doctor sent him to Mir for our organic CBD tinctures. And granddad is reporting the tincture working well for his nerves and his stiff joints.

If you are currently on prescription medication and are curious about CBD oil and the possibility of reducing your medication and managing your health in a more organic, holistic way with Mir’s CBD tinctures here are two pieces of advice I want to give you. First and most importantly, work very closely with your doctor and inform your doctor of what your goals are. Be realistic and listen to them.  Don’t just stop medications without informing your doctor of your intent and without medical supervision. Second, if you doctor won’t listen to you and won’t work with you to reduce your medication, find a doctor who will. Together with your doctor, set realistic expectations and goals for your wellness journey and prescription medication. CBD oil is not medication but only a supplement. It is a powerful supplement but still a supplement.  Work closely with your doctor and if they aren’t working with you, find one that will.