At Mir I have strived to advocate for our customers because of the confusing maze of products and misinformation out on the market. Our whole product line is a result of becoming so frustrated with my attempt to find a quality, reliable product as a consumer. As I work to disclose and educate consumers about deciphering labels, understanding ingredients, and more I am amazed at the confusion that is still out on the market. I hope to be the advocate for you and help you find the best product for your health needs.

There is a major online retailer that is not helping with the confusion. Amazon has a policy of not selling CBD tinctures and products that contain CBD as an ingredient. When you go to their site and put ‘CBD tinctures’ in their search bar there are a lot of items this search generates. But upon closer inspection all  these tinctures are nothing more than hemp oil or some variation of oils and hemp oil combined. Hemp oil does have its own wellness benefits, but there is no CBD in the ingredients. If you’re looking for CBD, it is not on Amazon. Someone who is not well informed and looking to a reliable online retailer such as this giant would be buying hemp oil and nothing more. And the consumers have no idea they aren’t purchasing a CBD tincture.

Hemp oil is used as our carrier oil in all our tinctures. We use this oil over other oils because of the health benefits it offers. Hemp oil will naturally lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. I also prefer hemp oil as Mir’s carrier oil since this is the natural oil from the industrial hemp plant. If you want just hemp oil, you can buy a jug of this stuff from the same major online retailer for about $30 a gallon. But I am seeing 1-oz hemp oil selling for anywhere from $45-$125 a bottle. And the labeling is showing milligrams of hemp or milliliters per serving of hemp, just as if it were CBD oil.  I’ve said this before and I will say it as much as I need to say it: if the label states ‘hemp oil’ there is no CBD oil in it. None. If you want only hemp oil and prefer to pay a lot for a 1-oz bottle because it’s easier to carry and use, go for it. Be informed. But if you are looking to purchase CBD oil from a reputable source and can’t understand what’s in the bottle, keep searching.

All of Mir’s labels are easy to read and understand what’s in the tincture. First, we disclose we have full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum has the most minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and terpenes from the plant.  Second, we clearly state how many milligrams of CBD oil are in that entire bottle. And third, we only use 3 ingredients in all our tinctures and we disclose this information on the back of the label. There are no gray areas of what we have in our bottles.

And we don’t sell just hemp oil with the hope you don’t know the difference. We want you to know the difference. We want you to be so well informed on the subject matter of hemp and CBD oil your friends and family members come to you for guidance and the latest information about this supplement. Or you can always send your friends and family members to our website for the latest information and a quality product.

When you are ready to buy your CBD products make sure the labels and ingredients are easy to understand. If the website is hard to navigate or you put in CBD oil into the search bar but hemp products pop up, go somewhere else. Find a reliable website and company that discloses to you the ingredients of their product without a lot of confusion and without having to buy the product only to be disappointed with the lack of results.

If you have tried what you thought was a CBD product and were not satisfied with the results, don’t give up. Look for a product with ingredients you can understand and are able to read the label easily.  If you are looking at your current bottle and are realizing you paid a lot for something that isn’t in there, don’t feel bad. It’s on the company you are trying to trust, not you. You are trying to make the best purchase decision you can with the information you have available to you.

I hope this blog and my other blogs help you to navigate the world of CBD oil and more. I want you to be able to purchase the right product for you and your family from a reputable source. Please like, comment, and share this post and my other posts. Let me know what you want to learn about CBD products.