As I talk to people about Mir’s CBD products, I am approached by people who simply state, “I tried a brand and it didn’t work for me.” Upon further questioning they reveal they bought a vial of tincture and used it but saw no results from it. If this has happened to you, don’t give up. There are a number of reasons why it didn’t work for you: it could have been the wrong strength, wrong CBD type, or no CBD oil in the product at all. Or the user didn’t give it enough time to work in the body.

When it comes to CBD oil strength refer to the label to determine the strength per dose. With the labels being so different from brand to brand, it is difficult to navigate and interpret these labels. I have trouble with them so I know you do too. When looking at the label if it shows 600mg on the front of it, that is the total strength in the bottle. If you want to know per dose the strength, 1-oz bottles have 30 servings per bottle. Divide 30 by the total strength and that will give you per dose strength (600mg/30=20mg). If your bottle states per dose strength just multiple that by 30 if it’s a 1-oz bottle and that will give you total strength (20mg*30=600mg).

If the bottle is larger than 1-oz it is important to take the size into consideration. Let’s say the brand C comes in a 2-oz bottle, is a full spectrum oil, and overall is 600mg in strength. Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil comes in 1-oz bottle and overall strength is 600mg. Both bottles cost the same but the average consumer will buy the 2-oz bottle because we think bigger is better. But the 2-oz 600mg is weaker per dose in strength than the 1-oz bottle. The 2-oz bottle has 60 servings in it making the per dose 10ml(600mg/60=10mg). The 1-oz bottle will work per dose differently than the 2-oz bottle will per dose because it is 20mg per dose (twice the strength). You might not have the strength you thought you did. Read your labels.

How can CBD be the wrong type? There are the full spectrum oils, the broad-spectrum oils, and the isolates. Full spectrum is exactly what it sounds like: all the natural properties are in that oil, including trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum has the THC removed from it. If a label states full spectrum CBD oil and is THC free it is a broad-spectrum oil. If a product label states it’s full spectrum and water soluble it is an isolate. An isolate is when the CBD oil has been reduced to a powder form through a heating process (the tincture will be clear). It was thought this made the CBD more potent but now they know it reduces the effectiveness of the oil (think of the nutritional value of a sweet potato versus sweet potato chips). If a company is willing to mislead you on the content of their oil, what else are they not telling you? Do not buy from this company.

How can a company put a product on the market and there not be any CBD oil in it? It happens more than you realize. I am seeing bottles labeled hemp oil in 1-oz sizes being displayed next to CBD oil tinctures. Even the store personnel think the hemp oil is CBD oil and are informed it is. It is not.  A major online retailer does not sell CBD oil but when you search for CBD oil, tinctures products are displayed but they are hemp oil and not CBD oil. If you don’t understand the labels, you have no idea you aren’t getting a CBD tinctures. If you have bought hemp oil thinking it is CBD oil, you would be disappointed with the results of the product. Make sure the label clearly states CBD oil on it. In the ingredients it should also list CBD or cannabinoid oil. If this isn’t in the ingredients list, it isn’t in the bottle.

If you have unsuccessfully tried a CBD product, don’t give up. Find a reputable company that stands behind their product. At Mir all our products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. All of our tinctures come in a 1-oz bottle.  Our labels clearly state it is a full spectrum oil and the total strength in the bottle. Our ingredients in our tinctures are limited to 3 ingredients: organic hemp oil, CBD oil, and natural flavorings and are listed in the ingredients. Our goal was to make it easy for you to understand what you are buying.

Now you are better prepared to make a more informed decision when it comes to buying your CBD tincture and make it an integral part of your daily wellness journey.