Imagine you have the information to confidently purchase your first tincture of CBD oil. You can read the labels and understand them (here is a link to my other blog regarding labels and strength: ) . You understand the difference in full spectrum, broad spectrum, and an isolate product (here is a link to my other blog regarding the different CBD processing: ) . You know you are wanting the entourage effect from you oil (here is a link to my other blog about the entourage effect: ) to maximize it’s benefits. But the only question left to answer is this: how do I take it?

The best point of delivery is sublingually. In other words, drops placed under the tongue and held for 30 seconds before swallowing any remainder. The body absorbs the oil quickly this way. Mir offers full spectrum oil. This means that the oil is closest to its natural state with the full health benefits. Mir does not have any isolate products. Isolate CBD products are where the CBD has been processed down to a powder and no longer has the full benefits of CBD. Beware of “water soluable” CBD products. They are CBD isolates – a powder. You want the full spectrum oil. Everyone understands chemistry 101: oil and water don’t mix. If you try to mix full spectrum CBD oil in a drink, it will separate and you are constantly stirring or shaking your drink. The very first time I tried CBD oil I placed mine in a drink and was surprised how this oil floated to the top. For me it is much easier to place the drops under my tongue and walk to grab my drink and sip on it after the 30 seconds go by. Most of the time I hold it there longer because I get busy doing something and there is nothing left to swallow.

When you place your drops under the tongue, close your mouth and breathe through your nose. If you have ever been to a wine tasting, you are instructed to put the wine in your mouth and keep your mouth open to amplify the flavors in the wine as you breathe through your mouth. This will amplify any flavor of anything you consume this way and CBD tinctures are no different.

Our carrier oil is organic hemp oil. We use this oil for the numerous health benefits that hemp oil provides and because hemp oil is coming from the same plant our CBD oil comes from. Hemp oil has an earthy taste to it and full spectrum CBD oil has an even stronger earthy taste. Some people want their tinctures to taste like a lollipop but our customers want a purer product. The taste of our product is an indication of our 3 ingredients rule. What is the 3 ingredients rule? Only 3 ingredients in every tincture: organic hemp oil, CBD oil, and natural flavorings. That’s it. And just like on the food label, the ingredients on your supplement are in order of the most to the last. Our tinctures have CBD oil listed second and natural flavorings listed third. I’ve seen some labels that read like this: MCT, olive oil, glycerin, monk fruit, sunflower cold pressed oil, chocolate chip flavoring, CBD oil. The very ingredient you are wanting to help improve your daily activities is dead last on most labels. That isn’t good enough for me, my family and friends, my pets, and not for my customers at Mir.

I hope you find this information to be beneficial as you purchase your CBD products. Please leave a comment or ask questions about CBD products or what you would like to read regarding CBD products.