Cannabinoid oil is also known as CBD oil. I was amazed when I began using CBD oil and how it relieved my stress and made me happier. Since the age of 42 I have been hormone free and as I’ve gotten older my anger was quick to flare up. And it didn’t matter how big or small the incident was, I was just angry. I was angry at the bank because I had to wait or angry with one of my kids because they didn’t fold the towels correctly. I was just angry at everyone and everything.  I found myself staying away from people unless I absolutely had to. I kept a small circle of friends around me and just watched life pass me by. Then I was introduced to CBD oil and within days felt happier, I was amazed and shouting my success from the rooftop. I began talking openly to other women who as they aged discovered they were quicker to anger and things that would have rolled off their backs years ago now made them angry. It must be fluctuations in hormones as we age. I know mine was or should I say a lack of hormones. My mother became crabbier as she aged and so did her mother. But introducing CBD oil into my daily supplement regiment helped subside the quick anger and I became happier again. I was able to handle the big and little things again with ease and focus.

Placebo Effect

As I stayed with CBD oil as a daily supplement, I noticed my hair getting thicker, my cuts were healing faster, my knees didn’t hurt, and my focus was much better. I didn’t have the mental fog that I had become use to and hated. I wasn’t quick to anger or erupt over stupid things.  And I was happier. Just happier overall. Then after about 2 months of using this supplement, I decided this can’t do all of that and it has to be all in my mind (placebo effect). And I stopped taking it.

The first day there wasn’t any difference. It all has to be in my mind, I’m thinking. The second day, my knees were cracking going down the stairs. And by the third day, I had an ocular migraine that was making me sick to my stomach. I was away from home and did not carry my CBD oil with me. As the trip to home took longer than expected this ocular migraine wiped me out. I was sick to my stomach and just exhausted. An ocular migraine doesn’t make my head pound, I just get prisms in my eyes that seem to move and grow bigger, reducing my vision down to resemble like looking out a window during a downpour. And they make me tired. Upon returning home, I took 3 full droppers of CBD oil and laid down. Within 20 minutes all the symptoms had gone away. And I remember thinking, “I don’t care if this is all in my head. I’m not stopping this supplement again.” And I haven’t.

What Exactly Does CBD Oil Do?

When I began my research of CBD oil, I kept coming across information showing this supplement took care of things in the body on a level that seemed too good to be true. It helps with autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, inflammation, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and more. It helps prevent oxidation in the body (oxidation is the leading cause of diseases like cancer and arthritis). But exactly how it worked was still a mystery to me. Until I discovered all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their bodies. In other words, we were designed to use this stuff.

The ECS is located in the brain and through-out the human body and the ECS was the first retrograde system discovered in the body in 1964.  Cannabinoid 1 Receptor (CB1R) and Cannabinoid 2 Receptor (CB2R) both utilize the CBD oil well and without it the human body doesn’t function the way it was designed to function. CB1R is predominantly formed in the central nervous system (CNS). CB2R is in the spleen, cardiovascular system, GI tract, liver, adipose tissue, bone, and reproductive system. The CB2R is often referred to as the ‘peripheral CBR’ but still plays an active role in the brain. Both the CB1R and the CB2R are a major part of the human body.

Simply translated, the ECS is throughout the entire body and these receptors are optimized when nourished. CBD oil comes not only from hemp but can be found in many flowers. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat flowers in their daily diet. And when hemp was eradicated in the 1970s our food source that might have grazed on the plant was without too. And our systems have been starving since then for CBD oil.

There has been a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases worldwide since the 1970s. Much of this is due to pollution and other environmental factors BUT CBD oil is high in antioxidants and neuroprotectant properties. Simply stated, CBD oil provides protection from these pollutants the human body is continuously exposed to.

As you take your Mir CBD supplement and begin to think it’s all in your mind, you are right. It is all in your mind…and your spleen, GI tract, bones, and more. Your ECS plays an important role in optimizing your health and keeping your ECS nourished with CBD oil is the first step in improving your overall health. Always remember to buy from reputable companies (like Mir) who are transparent in their ingredients and strength size per bottle. What is in the bottle matters to the overall health of your Endocannabinoid System and your Central Nervous System.