How long does it take for CBD oil to work? I am asked this question a lot and the answer might surprise you. First, not all CBD oil is created equally. You might have tried a tincture and saw limited or no benefit to it at all. It might not be full spectrum oil but broad-spectrum oil or an isolate product. The processes of taking a full spectrum oil to broad spectrum or an isolate removes beneficial compounds of CBD oil that just might be what your body needs and without it, the tincture won’t work for you. Not only that but 75% of tinctures on the market have no CBD oil in them. These will be labeled “hemp oil” and CBD oil or cannabinoid oil will not be included on the ingredients list.

Second, strength and bottle size. Again, not all are created equal. Mir uses only 1-oz bottles in our tinctures to ensure strength accuracy but a lot of our competitors use larger bottles and this reduces the overall per dosage strength. Let’s look at our 750mg strength. A 1.0ml dropper is considered a full dropper and delivers 25mg of CBD oil per serving in Mir’s product line. One of our competitors offers 750mg strength in a 2-oz bottle. Their tincture delivers 12.5mg of CBD per serving. If you had been taking our competitors tincture and switched to Mir’s, you would double your dose and would have a different experience with our product.

Mir uses only full spectrum oil and I inform people just like any other supplement, it could take 5-7 days to see health benefits. I also tell them to start with 0.25ml or 0.50ml to see how their body reacts to the oil. Once they understand how their body reacts, they can increase or decrease the dose as needed. My experience with CBD oil was an immediate benefit and most people report this to me but there are a handful of people who don’t experience immediate benefits. I ask them to be patient and continue using the product. But consistency is the key to success with CBD oil.

My favorite nephew suffers from migraines. He loves the 350mg lemon and I keep him stocked in it. But being a young adult, healthy habits haven’t been his norm. After his last bout with a migraine, I was reading him the riot act and it went something like this:

“I keep you in oil. All you have to do is take it. It helps you with your migraines and you just keep getting sidelined by them because you won’t take this every day. There are no excuses for this and I can’t feel sorry for you any longer. This is bull.” As he defended himself, he informed me that he does take the supplement every day.  I called him out on this because if he was taking this supplement every day, he would have been on his 3rd bottle and not still the first one I gave him months ago.

How much you should take varies from person to person. I have some people taking 0.25ml of our 750mg once a day and this last them 4 months. I know of people taking our 2400mg twice a day and are buying 2 bottles a month. I was told by one of our customers they take our 350mg supplement every other day and it works great for them this way. Everyone is different and reacts differently to this supplement.

Once you find what works for you stay with it. Consistency is the key with this supplement. I usually take mine at bedtime (Mir’s 1500mg 1.0ml) and occasionally will take a half dropper during the day. If I dose during the day, it’s because I’m having trouble focusing or am a little stressed. It works great for both. But this is what works for me. We are all different and we all react differently to this supplement. Nourish your endocannabinoid system with Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil consistently and be patient. Be Extraordinary!