When it comes to managing pain using natural supplements, CBD oil is the supplement that is the hottest new ‘it’ in the world of natural holistic approach to manage people’s health including pain. CBD oil is proven to help reduce inflammation, reduce pain, help with autoimmune diseases including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, improve cardiovascular health, arthritis, and more.

There are a lot of CBD products on the market. These products include creams, lotions, and potions. But how exactly does CBD work in pain management has been researched since the 1960s. We do know that oxidation in the human body is the leading cause of most diseases including cancer, arthritis, and more. Oxidation is followed with inflammation and studies now are saying being able to map the body for inflammation is a better indication of future diseases in the body than any other tests including mammograms for breast cancer. And we do know CBD oil prevents oxidation in the body because of its’ natural occurring high antioxidant properties present in the oil. Since CBD oil reduces oxidation in the body this also reduces inflammation in the body. And reducing inflammation in the body, reduces pain in the body.

In the 1960s it was discovered the endocannabinoid system present throughout the human body, including the brain. CBD oil nourishes this system and helps regulate the body in a more natural holistic way. This includes reducing inflammation and managing pain. Our customers share their success stories with us all the time.

One of our clients have benign tumors growing on his spine and this causes him so much pain. Before using a Mir product, he slept on average 2 to 3 hours a night for over a decade, woke up in pain, and managed his pain with opioids. With the use of Mir’s 750mg full spectrum oil he has stopped his opioid prescription, now experiences 8 hours of sleep a night, and wakes up pain free. ( https://ordermir.com/product/750mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/)

We have a lady who could not find anything to help her son with psoriasis and the doctors had no answers for her. His symptoms kept getting worse and he could not sleep and neither could she. A friend recommended Mir’s products and after introducing our 350mg (he loves lemon) full spectrum oil as a daily supplement, mom and son are reported to sleeping better and the psoriasis has gone into remission. (https://ordermir.com/product/350mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/)

One of my favorite stories comes from Diane, who is a truck driver. After battling cancer, she became a diabetic and suffers from neuropathy. As she puts it “it’s like walking around with Legos in my shoes, with pain shooting up to my hip.” She purchased our 600mg full spectrum oil and our 150mg pain cream. After the first application of the 150mg cream, she experienced relief the next morning, except for a tiny part on her little toe. After the second application, that disappeared as well. (https://ordermir.com/product/600mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/   https://ordermir.com/product/cbd-cream/) With the use of the cream and the 600mg she has returned to an active pain free life.

We had another lady’s experience who wanted to use our 350mg for stress and was surprised to get relief from her restless leg syndrome, too. The stiffness in her joints have disappeared and when she started it, she never realized it would help with RLS (I didn’t either). It’s one less prescription she must fill. (https://ordermir.com/product/350mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/)

I have a family member who was battling high blood pressure. Her doctor gave her a prescription and she began taking it. Very shortly she experienced fatigue and her toes turning blue. After numerous calls to her doctor to inform them of these side effects and being told it was just a side effect that might stop, she began using Mir’s 1500mg full spectrum while monitoring her blood pressure. By her next appointment she was only taking Mir’s product and her blood pressure was normal and remains in the normal range. (https://ordermir.com/product/1500mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd-natural/)

And finally, one of my favorite people, my cousin Jack. I admire him greatly. He is battling Parkinson’s and as the disease progresses so do his symptoms. I brought him our 2400mg full spectrum oil ( https://ordermir.com/product/2400mg-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd-natural/) and after his 1st dose his tremors subsided.

Managing your pain symptoms using a natural supplement is a great way to live your life. At Mir we are so honored to be a part of each of these people’s wellness journey. It makes us happy to hear or even witness our customers success in managing their pain and other symptoms with our natural products.