I’ve observed people’s number one reason for using CBD oil is for anxiety. My personal experience is that anxiety and stress are interlinked. I am asked if CBD oil will work for anxiety or stress and the answer is a resounding “YES” to that question every time.

Here is something only a few people know about me: I am terrified of heights. There is no known reason for this fear and it causes me a lot of anxiety to the point of shaking and tears streaming down my face. It’s silly and I can’t rationalize my reaction to these situations at all.  And I can’t control it.  As a child we drove across America a lot since my dad was in the military. I can remember being about 4 years old and crossing a bridge in Maryland. I had a paralyzing fear of our car plunging over the side into the murky waters below. I was crying and my parents not being able to console me did the only thing they knew to do: “we’re getting ready to cross a bridge, lay down and relax.” It helped not seeing the water or the drop. This fear extends to glass elevators, the Grand Canyon, Empire State Building, Ferris wheels, and mountains.   It is a fear that has never gone away.

When I drive and I have to cross a bridge, I focus on the road exactly in front of me. I white knuckle the steering wheel and concentrate more on getting the car back onto land than anything else I do in my life. I live in the Ohio Valley area and the area is flat. So bridges are the only thing I navigate and as the decades marched on, I forgot about my anxiety kicking in because of heights. Forgotten until my daughter moved to Colorado.

She was accepted at an art school in Denver so we packed up a U-Haul and drove her to her newest adventure in life. While out there we ran around to see the local sites of interests and that included the majestic Rocky Mountains. And my irrational fear reared its ugly head on the road up the mountains. I found myself leaning over to my daughter’s side and telling her to slow down, I kept leaning over to the driver side of the car. I was shaking and all the previous experiences with this anxiety came back to me. I was laughing as I told both of my kids about my fear. I had my head on my daughters’ shoulders, my son is making a joke about being too close to the edge and we are all laughing. I continue to lean away from the passenger side door and the view of the plummet down the side of the mountain that is the only view I have at this point. I’m laughing thinking it will stop the hurt in my stomach and my whole body from shaking. At one point I cover my eyes and am surprised my fingers are damp from the tears. Just like when I was a kid all over again. And the rational part of my brain tells me this is so irrational but this reaction I can’t control. And I tell my kids this is so irrational and frustrating because I can’t stop it.

Fast forward to now and I travel to St Louis, Missouri for a day trip to the City Museum. If you haven’t been, please make a point of going. It is amazing how they took an old shoe factor, discarded parts if buildings and items from around the city and integrated into amazing art and displays. Check out this link and see what they have for everyone in the family (https://www.citymuseum.org/) and plan to spend the day there. You won’t be disappointed.

This building is 15 stories and on the rooftop are displays and a working Ferris wheel. When the kids were younger, I never took them up to the rooftop because of my fear. If they ran too close to the side of the edge of the building, I couldn’t go get them. General mom fears are paralyzing and we never went up there. About a year ago my son took me to this museum with my sister and her kids for Mother’s Day. For the first time I could really explore the exhibits since I didn’t have to corral young kids any longer and I really enjoyed this visit.

Until my sister (she got all the daredevil DNA our family possesses) announced we were going to the rooftop. I began to protest until she said: “Did you bring your CBD oil?”

“Yes, I have it in my purse,” I replied as she guided me to the elevators.

“Take 2 droppers,” she commanded. Now she is my younger sister but she is bossy.  And I did take 2 droppers of CBD oil. We exited the elevators and walked around the center of the rooftop. In about 5 minutes we were standing in line to ride the Ferris wheel and we were close to the side of the building. I wasn’t shaking and actually marveling at the view of the city and the exhibits they have on the rooftop as I walked around.

It’s now my turn to sit for the ride and the attendant locks the center bar but I’m too busy enjoying the sites. As the wheels turns, my seat begins to rock with the jolt of the wheel moving but I begin to take pictures of the city sprawling out below me and I marvel: “This would be freaking me out. Not today.”

I really enjoyed my time on the rooftop that day. I spent over an hour up there walking around. And not once did I experience fear or shaking or crying. Not once. I enjoyed myself up there while I admired the sprawl of St Louis below me. And I enjoyed the Ferris wheel ride for the first time in my life. It was really nice.

 I haven’t made it back to the mountains to see how I do there yet. I will keep you posted on that trip. But if I can ride a Ferris wheel on top of a 15-story warehouse turned into a museum, a ride up the side of a mountain shouldn’t bother me at all. I’ll keep you posted. Be Extraordinary!