All of Mir’s CBD oil tinctures actually have CBD in them…the actual pure oil…not a powdered form or diluted version. I know this sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people I talk to that aren’t getting what they’ve been told they’re buying. When buying CBD, make sure you are able to read the ingredients on the label and you’re getting the real deal.

How to tell if your current bottle of CBD oil is the real deal? With the federal legalization of industrial hemp, there has been an introduction of hundreds of CBD oil brands flooding the market. I go into health food stores and as I talk to the people behind the counter, I am amazed at how much misinformation is out there still and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

I entered a local health supplement store and I asked to see CBD oil. I was led to a display with 4 different brands. Each label was different from the other and very hard to figure out what was in each bottle. The sales person was very helpful but not informative and if I didn’t know what I know, he would have sold me an expensive bottle of nothing more than hemp oil. The first bottle I was showed was a spray tincture and I was told this was a very effective way to deliver the CBD into my system. The label stated it was full spectrum, 100mg (spray), and one of their best sellers. Flipping the bottle over it showed servings per bottle, 1mg per parts of CBD oil and I was able to quickly calculate the total CBD strength in the bottle to be 80mg, even though the front of the bottle stated it was 100mg. I also quickly checked the ingredient contents and noticed more ingredients listed in the product than I’d like to ingest. I mentioned this and the fact that possibly it not being a full spectrum oil. I was meet with silence and shown the next bottle of CBD products.

This bottle was labeled a hemp product and I was informed this was a national brand. I was also told this was the best of the best. But as I reviewed this bottle and the ingredients listed on the back the one thing I wanted to see listed wasn’t there: CBD oil or cannabinoid oil. Not one mention. The label stated there was 3600mg per serving of hemp oil and 30 servings per bottle. If there had been CBD oil in this bottle the concentration of CBD would have been 108,000mg total strength. But there was no CBD oil in this tincture but the sales person reassured me I didn’t know what I was talking about because this was a bottle of CBD oil. But I knew he was wrong and I was right, it was just very expensive hemp oil. There was no CBD oil in that bottle.

The next 2 bottles were nothing more than overpriced subpar products with a slick marketing campaign behind them. Water soluble full spectrum oil is not a real thing and neither is THC free full spectrum oil. Just a group of words put together to help you part with your money. Keep your wallet in your purse, if you come across these products.

With the flood of CBD products on the market and more coming to market every day how do you know what you need to know when purchasing CBD products? First, if it’s cheap, don’t buy it. I don’t know how many times someone mentions to me they can get CBD oil at the gas station for $20 bucks. Without batting an eye, I tell them I wouldn’t give that junk to my dog and I mean it. It’s low dose, low quality, and imported oils. I have also learned that a person can buy CBD oil in large jugs and pour their own bottles right in their garage, basement, or pole barn. I don’t know about you but I don’t want barnyard filler in my tinctures.

Second, know the lingo. Know the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. You need to understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. Not sure what terpenes or flavonoids are? When you understand the terms of a product, you know more about the product.

Third, read your labels. With the knowledge you gain from knowing the industry terminology the labels become easier to understand. Be able to figure out the total CBD oil mg per bottle and ml per serving. When you can do that then no matter how the label is written you will know the total strength in the bottle.

Fourth, find a company that offers a money back guarantee. Not all do. 30-day money back guarantee for either an exchange of another product or just your money back. If a company doesn’t offer that, don’t buy from them.

And finally, look at the ingredients. Less is best. Mir has 3 ingredients in all their tinctures. We omitted monk fruit, oils, and other things. We use organic hemp oil, CBD oil, and natural flavorings. That’s it. No artificial colors, preservatives, or unnecessary oils. And it all fits into a 1-oz bottle to deliver to you our special blend of CBD products.

With the flood of products coming to the market, check out companies’ products online and the company themselves. Make sure you understand the labels and the ingredients in the products you are looking at. If the company won’t stand behind their product with a money back guarantee, keep your money in your wallet. Their website should give information so you can make the best-informed purchasing decision you can. A company should be willing to earn your trust, at Mir we are.