Imagine you have bought your first bottle of Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil and you have so many questions. How do I take it? How much should I take?  What can I expect from using the tinctures?

When CBD oil comes in tincture form the best way to take the oil is by placing drops under the tongue and holding it for 30 seconds before swallowing. Taking the supplement sublingually allows the body to quickly absorb the oil and the body begins reaping the benefits of this delivery to the body ( I usually place the drops in my mouth and chase it with a sip of my morning java.

How much should I take? 

Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil comes in 1-oz bottles and every bottle has droppers with them. Each dropper has marks on it showing a .25ml (1/4th) dropper full, .50ml (½) dropper full, all the way up to a full dropper. As I talk to people, I always tell them less is best until you have used the product and understand how your body will react to it. I also tell them to either start the product before bed or on a weekend to see how you react to the tincture. Everyone is different and reacts differently to the product. Less is best until you know how much tincture you will be using. Most people will increase their dosage after trying a low dropper for a day or two. And some people never increase their dose beyond a few drops a day, everyone is different.

Even if you are more familiar with CBD oil and have tried other brands, when switching brands start out with a low dose. Not all brands are equal. If you are switching from a water-soluble CBD tincture and just bought a full spectrum oil of the same strength, these two are vastly different from each other and have different properties in them. The water-soluble CBD tincture is an isolate where the CBD oil has been reduced to a powder form. The full spectrum oil is CBD oil that has been extracted from the cones in the flowers of the industrial hemp plant. And while they are from the same plant, their properties are different because of how the CBD was processed. Start out low and increase as your become familiar with the product.

As you become familiar with the product please remember everyone is different and will have different experiences. My overall experience has been increase in concentration, I am happier, my blood pressure is lower, and I sleep better at night.  But those are my experiences. As I began into the industrial hemp world, I talked to other women about my CBD oil experience and how it helped me to be happier and just enjoy my daily activities again. I became more social and I enjoyed being around people again. Women would nod in unison as I would say, “Before CBD oil, I just thought my BS meter was full because people, just frankly speaking, would get on my nerves and I began avoiding them.” It was never the other people who were irritating, it was me. I thought I was alone and just turning into a cranky old lady but after speaking to a lot of women, I’ve recognized it to be the fluctuation in hormones as we women age. CBD oil helped my body and my mind to enjoy the little things in life again.

This small group of women bought the oil and began to tell me their experiences and everyone of them had a different story to share. One lady’s restless leg syndrome symptom disappeared. I didn’t know she had restless leg syndrome until after she had started the oil. Yet another lady told me she was ‘happier’ after taking the tincture. Another lady shared her father’s range of mobility in his shoulder expanded after starting the oil and the pain associated with arthritis was no longer an issue. These were their experiences and they were all different.

Mir offers 150mg cream that you can apply topically. This stuff is great. We have one customer who uses 2 jars a month. She leaves one in her purse so she has it with her all the time and one by her bedside which she uses before calling it a day. We have another customer who bought 1 jar about 3 months ago, at this writing, and loves the stuff equally but he just applies as needed. He was amazed it worked so well on the first application. He uses very little and still has his first original jar.

For me, I use the cream to combat my ongoing seasonal battle with poison ivy. I don’t venture outdoors very often but Ziggy, my dog, transfers it to me after he has been out in the yard. This has helped to reduce the swelling, controls the itchy, and dries it out. The first time I applied to a breakout, as the bumps dried up I had white patches but continued to apply the cream. These white patches healed completely, leaving no marks of the poison ivy battle I had. I also like the cream because I’m not walking around with pink dots covering my arm, legs, and face.

While I can give you a general overall “what can I expect” regarding our CBD products, please remember everyone is different and will respond differently to CBD products. Less is best when you begin dosing and learn how your body will respond to this daily supplement.

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