As most of you know I am a co-founder of Mir and our company came into existence because of the lack of quality in CBD products that I was finding on the market. I knew we would be an e-commerce business and the website had to be designed with easy to use navigation…easy, easy, easy. We hired one of the best companies to design our site with the commitment to educate our customers and help clear up the maze of information and misinformation that was out there. We also knew our website would be a continuous work in progress. And early on we all dreamed of the day when we offered subscription services to our customers. This would allow our customers to automatically order their Mir products on their schedule (bi-monthly, monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months) and one of the main things this subscription plan had to offer was our customers ability to pause their subscription from the comfort of their own homes themselves. It needed to be easy to start and pause as needed by the customer.  This was a must have for me and our site had to have this or we wouldn’t offer subscription plans. Here’s why:

I have been the head of household for a long time. I worked full time, took care of the kids, my parents, and more. I loved a certain skincare line and had it auto shipped every month to my house. Going to the mall once a month was never an activity I have enjoyed and venturing out to a crowded mall on a monthly basis to pick something up, was the last thing I wanted to do or even had time to do. And when I discovered auto ship, it was great. Until I was laid off during the recession.

I went online to cancel the auto ship package immediately and could not find the ease I had been promised to be able to cancel at any time. I really didn’t want to cancel, I wanted to pause the shipment. I knew I would find a job but just didn’t know when. After many attempts to cancel online, I finally found a customer service number to call. And the call went something like this:

“Thanks for calling XYZ product line. How may I help you?” The cheery voice of a woman on the other end greeted me.

“Hey! I’m Karen and my customer number is 1234 and I have to stop this immediately. I plan to start it back up but not right now,” I replied.

“Oh, I see you are on the deluxe plan and it is too late to cancel for this month. But we can change that to this new plan and going forward it will save you money. Can I get this started for you today?”

“No. I need to stop this immediately and if I can get this month’s shipment cancelled right now, don’t ship it. It all needs to stop,” Now I’m in a panic because this skincare line is now my grocery money for my family and if skincare gets shipped, we don’t eat but my skin will look amazing!

“We really can’t stop this. It’s automatic but I can put you on this plan every month and…”

“STOP!” I found myself yelling into the phone (this was before Mir’s CBD tinctures were a part of my life).  “I’ve been laid off and I CAN’T do this right now. I have to feed my kids and I’m a divorced mom and it’s all up to me. I can’t have this shipped at all.” I was scared, sobbing, and becoming angry.

I was finally able to cancel my next shipment and feed my family but I was so frustrated at having to justify why I had to cancel my shipment. I had to talk to a complete stranger and tell them I lost my job and I could not afford this product line any longer. I was already going through the shock of losing a job and now this. It was all too much and too humiliating. And I have never bought this line of skincare again. The only way to get it is through auto ship and I don’t have control over this process.

I know my experience isn’t unique on subscription plans. I’ve shared this story plenty of times with friends and they have had similar experiences with other products and companies. Hard to find contact number, weird business hours, and mazes of web page searches trying to find the correct way to cancel a subscription. It doesn’t end and it isn’t customer friendly. And it is extremely frustrating from a customer’s viewpoint.

As we dreamed of our own subscription plan, the ability of our customers to pause their own plan was a must have for me. I was told this could be done but maybe we shouldn’t do it because it will be harder to plan financially if we allow customers the ability to pause and resume their shipments on their own. I replayed my own past experiences and told my team it will be done this way or we don’t offer it. The customers can manage their subscription plan every month. If they want it shipped every two weeks or every month or every other month or even quarterly, they can. If they discover their tinctures lining up on the countertop and need to pause until they are down to a bottle or two, they can. All from the ease of their own home.

As you look at our site and learn more about Mir’s CBD products and want to start this supplement as part of your daily health regimen, look at our subscription plan. It allows you to pick out your favorite product, strength, flavor, and how often it ships. It also will save you 5% on your order and you can pause your plan any time and start it back up when you are ready. You can pause this subscription plan from the comfort of your own home. At Mir we believe you should live your life on your terms and this includes your subscription plan. Give it a try and let us know what you think!