I love to travel and go places. I think I am part gypsy because I definitely have a wandering soul. I know it goes back to my military brat days when we moved on average every 10 months. And I still love to go. I was asked if you can safely travel with CBD oil. My first answer was “YES” but that depends on where you are going.

In the United States, hemp is legal on a federal level through the Farm Act Bill of 2018. One of the products made from hemp is CBD oil. And CBD oil is being regulated state by state. To date, Idaho allows CBD products but only THC free products (broad spectrum or isolates). Nebraska and South Dakota have ruled CBD products as illegal regardless if it’s full spectrum, broad spectrum, or an isolate. Wisconsin says CBD products are legal but only with a doctor’s prescription and you can only purchase your CBD products through a pharmacy.

Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Maine, California, Vermont, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Alaska have made hemp and marijuana legal through their state’s recreational cannabis laws but CBD made from marijuana is illegal from unlicensed growers.

The state I live in, Indiana, hemp and CBD products are legal but require a QR code on the product that allows the public to scan and see the batch test results. These tests check for cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles, heavy metals, THC levels, mold, pesticide, and more. This is just in the states. For the rest of the world…

If you travel abroad please understand that Europe allows CBD products but only with 0.2% THC levels or lower. In the US our industrial hemp allows trace amounts of 0.3%. If you were to travel to Europe with a full spectrum tincture grown in the US, you will be in violation of Europe’s CBD laws. In this situation it is best to keep your full spectrum tincture at home and plan to buy a reliable source in Europe. You will probably need to do some research before leaving.

Thailand and Singapore are two examples of countries that consider any cannabis and cannabinoids to be a controlled substance and are banned. Do not travel with any tincture to these countries. No THC free or isolate products are allowed. If you are traveling overseas you can check this site for restrictions regarding over the counter medications and prescription medications. You also need to know what forms you must have filled out before leaving please check out this website for updates: https://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/hsa/en.html .

We’ve all read the headline of grandma’s being arrested for CBD oil in Florida and Texas. While each of these arrests never went before the judge and charges were dropped, it is still traumatizing to spend a little time in jail (so I’ve been told). Before traveling with your products, please make sure it is legal in that country, state, or territory. The next time you plan your trip and are packing your Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil, check to make sure you are good to go and so is your oil!