I have been using Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil for a while now. I try to use it every day but average every other day most of the time. And that works fine for me.

I was talking to a friend of mine and I mentioned I have not bought ibuprofen in more than 2 years. I have also not purchased migraine formula over the counter pain meds in more than 2 years. And I literally live in farm country and am surrounded by cornfields for miles. When the corn tassels I use over the counter allergy medication to combat the high pollen. But I don’t use the entire package now like I did before and now usually I have to throw it away because it will expire before I need it again. Before I began using CBD oil, I would go through all the over counter medication mentioned above on a daily basis and purchased them every month. It was costly.

Since using CBD oil, I don’t purchase these items. As a matter of fact, I threw away a large bottle of ibuprofen and a smaller bottle of migraine medicine the other day because it had expired 2 years earlier. I had not realized I wasn’t purchasing this stuff any longer until I was throwing it out. Then I connected it all together and was amazed I had replaced 3 over the counter medication with a natural product that works so well for me.

I use Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil to help elevate my mood and as I’ve discovered it’s a heart healthy supplement with a lot of promise of being a bone healthy supplement as well. So I use it and then all the other stuff is just a bonus as far as I am concerned. I took an ibuprofen every day since I was 41 years old. I couldn’t walk without it. The pain from my right hip down to my right ankle was unbearable. My left ankle hurt as much as my right side did but it was only in the ankle. And my ankles would swell if I stood or walked too much. I assumed it was arthritis. My primary physician looked at my ankle and agreed with me. He offered to start a prescription but I felt the OTC worked fine.

And then the 18 months of chemo and 5 years of taking a daily prescription pill that caused joint pain and brittle bones but kept my cancer in remission made taking the OTC medication a necessity. And when the 5 years were over, the pain was still there. It never went way. But once I was introduced to CBD oil, I stopped taking ibuprofen. I wasn’t conscious of not taking it, I was just able to get out of the bed and walk without limping and pains shooting through my legs. I started walking again for exercise. After posting on Facebook: I wonder how far I can walk, I was able to log in 4.8 miles that day. My legs were sore and tight but not the pain I had been accustomed to for decades just trying to be mobile. It was gone.

Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation, fight stress, high in antioxidants, promote heart and bone health, help manage autoimmune diseases, fight pain, and more. I have eliminated 3 OTC that probably weren’t the best things to take daily for the rest of my life and replace it with a natural supplement that only has 3 ingredients in it.

 I am living my life on my terms. And it is a great life. I am loving it. I am more active now than I was 15 years ago. I’m walking, hiking, kayaking, weightlifting, yoga, and more. It feels great to be active again and to be pain free. And I love that I can take my Mir’s supplement and it fights so much of the aging process. It is a great daily or every other day supplement to add to your wellness routine. Start living your life on your terms and try Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil. Be Extraordinary!