I have a friend who was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer earlier this year. She had a complete hysterectomy, appendix removed, and scrapping of the abdominal wall but trace amounts of cancer were left behind. Because the surgeon knew he didn’t get all the cancer out, chemotherapy was a necessity. 

While she was going through chemotherapy, she experienced the pain, fatigue, and nausea that I understood all too well. I suggested she try Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil to help ease the pain and reduce her anxiety and she looked at me and said: “I’m afraid of it.”

I was dumbfounded as I looked at her in disbelief. She was being given drugs on a weekly basis that was designed to kill soldiers in chemical warfare in the early 1900’s. She’s been given more drugs than a lab rat but she was afraid of a supplement that is known to help with pain relief, reduce anxiety, inflammation, and to prevent oxidation in the body. Oxidation in now known to be the leading indicator to cancer in the human body.

Last weekend I did a kayaking trip down the Wabash river. As we were returning by bus to our cars, I was sitting next to the man who was a guest speaker at this event. He teaches survivor skills such as making fire without a lighter, foraging in the wild and identifying things that can be eaten, making a shelter, and more. He told me how he got into this and began his own business. He then asked me what I did and of course I spewed out my CBD business and shared my website with him (www.ordermir.com). He responded with “Cool” and I continued to share information with him about the studies I’ve researched and our customers success with our tinctures and creams.

He then told me about a friend of his that suffers from epilepsy and takes so much prescription medication that doesn’t stop the seizures and his fear that the medication is doing more damaging than good. He had suggested to his friend to try CBD oil and was told: “I’m afraid of it.”

I looked at him and shared my similar experience with my friend and said, “After all the medication they are taking and they are afraid of some oil.” We both shook our heads in disbelief over someone taking so many chemicals but expressing fear over a natural oil.

When I talked to my friend about her fear, I asked her what made her afraid. She said that it just scared her but couldn’t say anything more than that. I then asked her if she was afraid of it because of marijuana and she said yes. Even after talking to her about it more in detail, she wouldn’t change her position on the matter.

I finally said, “I’m not trying to sell you my brand. If you want to buy another brand, please just get it started as a daily supplement. Just get it started. Please.”

She reassured me that if she were to buy, my brand would be the one she buys. But she would not change her mind about it.

If you have reservations about trying CBD oil, please do your research. I’ve put 3 links to our blogs regarding the basics of CBD oil. Check out my other blogs that break down the language, what it does, and more.

If you are afraid of CBD oil, know you aren’t alone. I can rest assure you, you can’t get high using our organic Mir tinctures. The worst side effect from CBD oil is (are you ready for this) diarrhea. Yeah that’s the only known negative side effect. But the known benefits are: reduce stress/anxiety, reduce inflammation, helps with managing pain, stops migraines, arthritis, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, helps with bone health, helps with autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more.

Feel free to post a comment or question here. I’d be more than happy to help you understand the health benefits of a full spectrum CBD tincture as part of your daily wellness journey. Start living your life on your terms. Be Fearless! Be Extraordinary!