I have used social media to spread the word about Mir’s products. I’ve used mainly Facebook and the support I’ve received from this platform has been so supportive. And I really appreciate the support and kind words everyone shares. I have ventured into other social media platforms and was surprised at the negativity my posts had. Really surprised when I shared my blog about my experience surviving breast cancer (https://ordermir.com/karen-at-mir-cbd-after-cancer/). I was accused of peddling snake oil to vulnerable people. Just because I shared my personal story and I own a business. But the critics had their own agenda as I investigated their profiles and that agenda is the marijuana industry.

As I began my company the manufacturer for industrial hemp in Kentucky informed me that the marijuana industry was imploding on itself. I remember telling my son this and he responded with: “I don’t think so.” But my son was wrong and the president of the industrial hemp company was right.

Marijuana is slang for Cannabis Indica. It comes in many different strains and has THC levels of 5.0-35.0%. THC is the psychoactive ingredients that people experience when they ingest marijuana. At the time of writing this blog marijuana is not legal on a federal level. It is legal on a state level in various states and is highly regulated. So highly regulated that legitimate growers are being pushed out of business because their operating costs exceed their profits. They are struggling.

A lot of marijuana companies have included industrial hemp products to offset the cost of these regulations. They sell both products and are having success. When my team and I started our company, we decided all of our products would be created using industrial hemp only. We would never be a part of the marijuana industry, even if it became legal on a federal level nationwide. We felt (and still do) that industrial hemp offered so many wonderful health benefits without increasing THC levels in people.

As I have shared with others: if you have a CBD product that works for you, please keep using it. Don’t stop if you are having success. If you haven’t had success with a hemp or CBD product, don’t give up. Please try Mir’s organic full spectrum product line. Don’t give up because CBD oil does work for the majority of people who use it. 

My experience with the internet trolls is the marijuana supporters voice is trying to be heard. It’s understandable. And it’s unfortunate they feel the need to put another person (or product) down and make unnecessary accusations. I wish them well. Be Extraordinary!