I was talking to my daughter the other day on the phone and she jogged my memory of one of the early decisions we made as a company as we formed. That decision was to be confidential with our customers purchases.  It seems to be weird writing a blog on this but I feel it important to be transparent with you and what you can expect when you order from us. What exactly will be in your mailbox when you receive your package from Mir.

I order a lot from Amazon. I love Amazon and have ordered everything from protein water to exercise equipment. I love it. And every order has Amazon’s logo all over the boxes and the packing tape advertising their website. From a business owner’s perspective, I love that too. Branding at it’s finest. You see their logo while you shop and when the package arrives, it’s reinforced on the box. And from a business standpoint, I want to do that too. But we decided not to and here is why:

A high percentage of our customers don’t share with people their use of hemp products (this includes CBD oil) because of the misunderstanding of the differences between hemp and marijuana. Through educational opportunities we work to make hemp products a part of people’s  daily health journeys and in time this negative stigma will go away but until then we walk the fine line of confidentiality.

Our goal has been to bring a product to market that is easy to understand and what is labeled on the bottle is what’s in the bottle. That sounds weird but when you see statistics that state 75% of tinctures sold have the wrong amounts of CBD oil in them or none at all, it is one of the cornerstones of our business development (hemp education).  

When we designed our bottles and labels, we worked with our manufacturer to seal every bottle of tincture without safety tape and we opted out of putting our tinctures in boxes. Both of these moves were because of our commitment to reduce waste when we could. After studying the market, we knew we were bringing a quality product and we dreamed the big dream. Gold foil packaging and our label showing our website on packing tape, just like Amazon. Until we realized our customers wanted privacy regarding their purchases. We listened, we responded, and we regrouped.  

When you order from us here is what you can expect to arrive. A plain box with plain packing tape on it to keep it sealed. Our shipping labels are just that, they were designed to get the package to you. No fancy websites or information on the package that would identify what you bought. We opted out of putting our website on our address labels. We opted out of Mir’s logo on our boxes. We won’t buy customized packing tape that would reinforce our marketing of Mir.  The reason why we opted out of these branding tools? Because of you. We want to respect your privacy and support you on your wellness journey.

Pure. Simple. Amazing. It starts with our 3 ingredient tinctures and carries over to our shipping labels and plain boxes. It ends with our products being delivered to your home. We value every customer and every referral we receive from you and we want to be a part of your personal journey to optimizing your health. We are committed to bringing the best products to market and delivering these products to your doorsteps with confidentiality.

If you haven’t had success with past purchases of CBD oil products (or are new to CBD products) and want to try CBD products, please check out our store on our site (www.ordermir.com/shop). Shop with confidence that you are receiving a full spectrum tincture and that your purchase will arrive at your home in a plain box that ensures privacy. Pure. Simple. Amazing.

Be Extraordinary!