Both of my parents smoked cigarettes and most of my siblings smoked cigarettes. I am not a smoker but I witnessed friends and family struggle with trying to kick this habit. It is a tough habit to stop. In 2013 a pilot study regarding smoking cessations was conducted showing promise in the use of CBD oil. This study found smokers who used CBD, smoked fewer cigarettes and the percentage that quit had no further cravings for nicotine.

There were two groups in the study. The 1st group was given a placebo and the 2nd group was given CBD. Both groups thought they were given the CBD. Over the course of the study, the placebo group showed no difference in their cravings for nicotine. The 2nd group showed a 40% reduction in cravings for nicotine.

As I talk to people regarding the health benefits of CBD oil and the importance of finding a reputable company, people always talk about “big pharma” being against this supplement. I had read an article a couple years ago that stated “big tobacco” was the industry against hemp products and lobbied vigorously against hemp. I didn’t really understand why this industry would be against hemp until I read the abstract to this 2013 study.  I certainly understand the opposition now.

If a product can stop smoking in 40% of your customer base, with no further cravings for the main ingredient in your product, I can see why they would vigorously lobby against it. Regardless of your business, losing 40% of your customers is a death blow to any industry. 

If you are trying to stop smoking, you might want to try CBD oil. CBD oil is known to help reduce anxiety, stress, and more. It just might be the solution you have been searching for to help you stop your nicotine habit. If you want to learn more about CBD oil check out my other blogs. If you are ready to shop for your product, click this link:

If you want more information regarding this study, here is the link:

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