I love interacting with our customers. I really do. I celebrate their accomplishments and more. It gives me so much energy and I meet new customers every day through Mir. They are no longer customers but we become friends. There are two recent experiences with my friends that I want to share with you that just happened within the last month.

A few weeks ago a friend reached out to me on Facebook asking questions about Mir’s full spectrum oil(Karen at Mir). She has suffered from arthritis for years and was frustrated with her doctors about what really was going on with her. One doctor felt it was rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed her medication for that and yet another didn’t feel she had rheumatoid arthritis and felt she didn’t need that strong of medication. And she was so frustrated and tired of taking medication that wasn’t working. She also worried the medication was actually doing more harm than good.

When she and I talked, she expressed it was the little things in life she missed. She said, “I just want to be able to zip up my jeans without pain shooting down my thumbs through my wrists. I miss snapping my fingers. I know that sounds nuts but I can’t snap my fingers anymore and I miss that.”

We discussed what strength she should try (she wanted to try the 600mg in wintergreen), how much dosage she should start with, and Mir’s return policy. I then told her: “When you are able to snap your fingers, I want you to run up to me and snap your fingers in my face.” We both laughed at the possibility of her snapping her fingers in my face and discussed CBD oil in more detail.

About 3 weeks after this conversation, I was at Hawg and Sauce. It’s a little barbeque place in Mount Vernon, Indiana. It would be worth the drive to go. I like my barbeque sandwich naked (sauce on the side) and their potato salad is the bomb! And leave enough room for their Kentucky pie. It’s worth the calories.

 On this visit, my friend was there eating on the patio and enjoying the live entertainment. I knew she was going to be there and I was looking for her. She ran up to me as I got to the patio and snapped her fingers in my face. It was great! We both laughed and hugged each other. She let me know she could zip up her jeans without pain and sleeping better most nights.

She then informed me she wanted to go up to 750mg in wintergreen. She felt she needed something a little stronger. She also let me know she felt confident in the product and was no longer afraid of it. She then apologized to me for being afraid of it. I told her not to worry and since there was so much misinformation out there the fear was understandable.

Last week Ziggy and I traveled down to Lamar County Alabama. My father was from Beaverton, Alabama and I still have roots down there. My cousin and his wife welcomed me to stay at their home. It was southern hospitality at it’s finest.

And we talked about CBD oil for hours. They had a lot of questions. And at one point, they invited a friend over to share dinner with and talk about CBD oil. Both my cousin’s wife and her friend expressed having difficulty sleeping. Both decided to try the 350mg. One wanted to try the lemon flavor and the other wanted the peppermint flavor. We talked about dosing and I showed them how our bottles can either be child proof or left for easy opening by twisting down to the seal ring. They loved the easy to read dropper and I asked my cousin’s friend to take 0.25mL while we were talking and she complied.

We continued to talk and after 15 minutes I asked her how she felt. She said she felt fine. I told her when she got home to try another 0.25mL and she agreed to do that. The next morning, she called my cousin to let her know she took the additional dose and slept great for the first time in decades. And this morning she was awake, relaxed, and not foggy feeling like she does with an over the counter sleep aid.

I love talking to our customers and making new friends. Every success story that is shared with me, I celebrate my friends returning to a more active life and enjoying their new freedom living their life on their terms again. And I get to be a part of their life. Be Extraordinary!