350mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD – Pet Friendly

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11.7 mg of CBD per serving (1ml). Our customers that have pets like our Pet Friendly CBD oil for inflammation and anxiety in their pets, especially during thunderstorms and fireworks. It has an overall calming effect that helps furry family members relax. At Mir, we give this CBD oil to our pets daily.

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At Mir, we give our pets CBD oil daily to support overall health. This is the guideline we go by for how much CBD oil to give our pets:

2 – 15 lbs.: 1/4 dropper (.25mL)

16 – 25 lbs: 1/2 dropper (.5mL)

26 – 45 lbs: 3/4 dropper (.75mL)

46 lbs. and up: full dropper (1 mL).

Less is best to start. As you understand how your pet reacts to the CBD oil you can adjust the dose as needed. Available in Natural flavor only. Our pet friendly CBD formula is made with the same quality standards as all of our tinctures. All of Mir’s CBD tinctures are: full spectrum, produced in a FDA-approved facility, USA grown organic, rich in Phytocannabinoids, terpenes Omega 3 & 6 and no preservatives and no artificial dyes added.  

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