I am always discussing why using hemp oil in Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil is a better product. Hemp oil is from the same plant that produces CBD oil and while our CBD oil has trace amounts of THC I have refused to introduce a THC free product. Why? Trace amounts of THC is beneficial to the human body. There isn’t enough THC in an industrial hemp plant to impair someone with psychoactive levels of this component. And now a new term has emerged: the entourage effect.

Digging deep for the overall meaning of “the entourage effect” and after researching it, I understood it was the overall effect of all the different natural components enhancing the effects of the CBD tincture within the human body, all newly discovered recently. But I dug a little deeper and discovered in 1998 (over 20 years ago) scientists discovered the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) would not bind certain components of the cannabinoid without other natural occurring minerals present. Not a new discovery after all.

As I stated before, Mir uses hemp oil as our carrier oil in our tinctures. Hemp oil is harvested from the same plant that produces CBD oil, so it made sense to us to use this in our product. Hemp oil has its own set of health benefits that include: fights inflammation, reduces blood pressure, and reduces bad cholesterol. It is full of phytonutrients and flavonoids, enhancing the overall health benefits. Using hemp as the carrier oil with our CBD tinctures brings out the best in both oils. CBD oil is known to fight inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety, is a natural blood thinner, helps manage autoimmune diseases, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS, and a natural pain fighter are just a few of the symptoms this supplement helps with. 

But what does all this have to do with the entourage effect? Plenty. There are 3 distinct CBD oils out on the market and your body will respond differently to each of these products. I have had a lot of customers say they tried other CBD products and “it didn’t do anything for me.” I try to explain to them their body might need something that was removed from the product during the processing of the oil. If that one component is gone, the oil might not work for them. This is important to understand since there are so many different products out on the market. If you have tried CBD products and didn’t receive benefit from this supplement it could be because of how the CBD was processed.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate

Full spectrum oil is the oil that has all the ‘stuff’ in it. This oil is not water soluble or THC free. It is close to the purest form you can get short of sucking it out of the flower yourself (please don’t do this). This oil is dark green or amber with a green tinge to it and has a very earthy taste to it. This is the oil that offers the entourage effect, allowing your endocannabinoid system to be nourished.

Broad spectrum oil will be labeled “THC free.” If you have tried a THC free tincture and saw no benefit from it, this might be the component your body was needing to utilize the CBD oil. Some of the broad spectrum oils will have additional ingredients added to the tincture, like turmeric for anti-inflammation.

Isolate is when the oil is heated and reduced to a power form. Ten years ago this was believed to enhance the CBD oil (think concentrated form) but they now know this process destroys many of the health benefits offered by CBD products. An isolate product cannot be full spectrum or broad spectrum. If your body is needing a certain component that was lost during the cooking process, this oil will not work for you. These products will be labeled as water soluble, the tinctures will be clear, and have additional ingredients in the tinctures.

THC Amounts

THC in trace amounts will not impair you or show up in a tox screen. I had one person who could not take THC products at all because he was licensed to handle explosives. I always urge our customers to take in a copy of our label and run it past their HR personnel before buying or before ingesting. The majority of employers laugh and inform their employees CBD oil from industrial hemp is not what the drug screens are looking for. The majority of employers laugh, with the exception of the explosive guy; it was zero tolerance for him. But he checked with his employer before purchasing our products.

Hemp has naturally occurring levels of THC but cannot exceed 0.3%. Trace amounts. All our products are tested for quality and THC levels. Every item purchased comes with a batch number that is associated with these quality test and I can see the THC levels in every report. If an employer would have a question regarding a product, we can make these tests available to them. And as I’ve stated, Mir’s product line only uses hemp ingredients.

What It All Means

To nourish your ECS (your endocannabinoid system), for the majority of people, full spectrum will be the best tincture to purchase. Full spectrum will optimize the effects of the oil and engaging all the components of the oil to benefit your body. If you have found a product that works for you, please keep taking it. If you have tried a product but it didn’t work for you, please don’t give up. You might not have purchased the correct product for your body and need a quality full spectrum oil. A quality full spectrum oil is a great daily supplement to add to your health routine. Check out Mir’s lineup of full spectrum oil.