I am a breast cancer survivor. I experienced surgery, 18 months of chemo, 6 weeks of daily radiation, and 5 years of taking a daily pill that caused my joints to ache and my bones to be brittle. I know this treatment that has prolonged my life is also very damaging to my body even decades later. But I would do it all over again because I’ve been able to see both of my children graduate from high school, then college, one of them is married, and more. I am blessed and I know it.

I began my line of CBD products with the hope of bringing a quality product to market, being transparent with our customers and the public in general. Bringing the best products to market using the best ingredients that can come from the Earth. The FDA has issued warnings to CBD companies about what CBD can and cannot do. I heard the rumblings through various associates about the FDA regulating the CBD industry and my thinking was: “Why can’t the FDA just leave CBD alone.” Then I read the article and I’m glad the FDA is issuing warnings to companies and here’s why:

When you get the call to say you have cancer, life just slows down. Like the movie ‘TheMatrix’, everything just slows down. People are moving around you but you are moving slower. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, all I knew was I had cancer but not what type or how far advanced it was. I just knew it was cancer. For two weeks, I knew I had cancer and would be going in for a lumpectomy but that was all I knew. And I was scared. I was so scared.

I was scared for several reasons. First: my parents had already outlived 3 of their 5 children and I wasn’t going to die before my parents, not matter what they told me. Second: my children. I was their world and they were mine and I wasn’t going to go anywhere until I was ready. As I broke the news to my children and my parents, I saw the fear in my mother’s eyes as she sucked in her bottom lip. My daughter burst into tears and cried out. As calmly as I could I reassured everyone sitting in the living room that I had plans to live to be 105 and if those plans were to change, I promised everyone I would keep them informed. But as far as I was concerned, I wasn’t going anywhere else until I was ready and I wasn’t ready any time too soon (I’m still not ready).

After the lumpectomy I had a very clear picture of this devasting disease and I was ready for the fight. I counted down the chemo treatments as I marked each one off. I hit every radiation treatment head on and returned to work exhausted after it was over but I made a point of making it back into the office after every treatment, no matter how I felt. I decided I would be a warrior in pink and to this day, I am a pink warrior.

So 13 years later I am still here and still kicking. I’ve started a business that incorporates CBD into products (www.ordermir.com). For me this has become a passion. The tinctures offer so much relief from various ailments using natural oils for so many people. For myself it has helped with the joint pain and inflammation in my body. It also helps me boost my mood since I had a hysterectomy and I can’t take hormones. Mir’s CBD full spectrum has helped me juggle this part of my life and remain active as the decades march on.

As my team and I have navigated through CBD products and researching CBD products we are constantly amazed at this product. I’ve poured over the patent held by the US Government, the studies performed by the Israel government, and current ongoing studies. But I am also frustrated at other companies making this sound like it’s a cure. It is not. No one should ignore their medical history or their doctors advice. No one should ever stop their medications without working closely with their doctor. No one ever should do that. If you want to reduce the number of medications you are taking by incorporating CBD products into your daily wellness journey, work closely with your doctor and together set realistic goals to achieve this correctly and healthy for you. If your doctor won’t work with you on introducing a supplement, find a new doctor. Find a doctor who will advocate for you and who will take time to listen to you.

I’ve seen studies showing a lot of promise for CBD oil for some serious illnesses and I have announced to my team we never, ever talk about those studies. One reason, they are studies and are ongoing. In time we can shout out what the studies have confirmed about CBD oil (or even disproved) and certain diseases. But also keep in mind these studies are usually using high concentrated dosage of a pure compound to see how it performs with a disease. Another reason, me. After being diagnosis with cancer, if I had read I should eat bologna after it sits out on the counter for 3 days because it would cure my disease, I would have tried it (FYI: bologna does not cure anything except hunger and do not let it sit out on your counter).  Fear sometimes makes us do foolish things. And I can’t imagine anything scarier than a cancer diagnosis.

CBD oil and products are not a cure for anything. It is not medicine. I do know we have more endocannabinoid receptors in our body and our brain. We are designed to use this stuff. Just like keeping your auto serviced with oils, CBD allows a lot of people to increase their focus, reduce inflammation, and more. But it is not a cure for anything and if a company is marketing it as a cure or leading you to believe it can cure something, it does not. Save your money.

So what exactly does it do? It reduces inflammation and this gives you relief from so many different diseases ranging from arthritis, PMS, and more. It is also known to help relieve symptoms from auto immune diseases. It does help with symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It is also known to prevent oxidation in the body but I have never heard of CBD products curing anything. While I’ve got my soap box out let me add there are no studies that link CBD products as a successful weight loss supplement. Not one mention of weight loss. CBD products can reduce anxiety and stress so if you are a stress eater, it might help with that but if a company has labeled a tincture as a weight loss supplement, hang onto your money because they are being very deceptive. It also helps with joint pain and once you can move more freely, that will help you lose weight. But there isn’t one study that links CBD products to successful weight loss. Not yet. I will keep you posted if I find anything that supports weight loss.

If you are looking for a cure, turn to your doctor. CBD products can’t cure anything but when you find a company that wants to be transparent and offer a quality product, incorporating their CBD products into your daily life can improve your life. Setting realistic expectations about your CBD products should be one of the first steps into your wellness journey.