Coconut oil versus hemp oil…it all seems innocent enough until it comes down to the taste testing of CBD oil. As you read the back of the ingredients on your CBD oil, have you ever wondered why coconut oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil and not hemp oil is used as the carrier oil in other CBD tinctures? If you haven’t maybe after reading this you will.

Coconut oil is sometimes referred to MCT (medium chain triglycerides) and is made by combining coconut and palm oil together. It helps with digestion and early studies are suggesting it being a heart healthy oil. It also has a shelf life of 12 months and taste pretty good.

Hemp oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant, often referred to as just hemp. Cold pressed is a better extraction process since hemp properties are destroyed when exposed to high heat.  Hemp oil is showing promise to being a heart healthy oil ( and more. Why aren’t more companies using hemp oil instead of MCT (or olive oil)? Hemp oil only has a 9-month shelf life and a very strong earthy taste. Alright, it tastes like grass clippings. And for some people they can’t get past the taste.

At Mir we made the decision to use hemp oil instead of MCT for several reasons.  The downside for using hemp oil from a company standpoint? We can’t let our inventory sit in a warehouse somewhere. We must keep a tight eye on inventory and when we need to order more—without ordering too much or too little. We only have a 9-month shelf life on our tinctures and stop product availability 45 days out from the expiration date. We use no preservatives in our tinctures. We do offer flavors in the 350mg, 600mg, and 750mg strengths and our flavors sell very well. Our 1500mg and our 2400mg can’t be flavored to cover up the earthy flavor without diluting the strength in our 1-oz bottles (we would have to put the higher strength tinctures into 4-oz bottles). This would make our higher strength CBD tinctures less effective per dose than our 750mg. We won’t do that ever. We believe in product purity and effectiveness of our tinctures in every drop.

And then one day I was talking to a lady and I asked her if she liked to bake. She did. So, I asked her to imagine she found a recipe to bake a coconut cake and it calls for fresh coconut flakes and the recipe specifically states if she can’t get the fresh coconut, then to buy coconut flakes in oil. Upon arriving at the store and cruising the baking aisle, there is no fresh coconut but the oil with the coconut flakes is available. There are 2 brands side by side. Coconut flakes in olive oil and coconut flakes in coconut oil. They are the same price and appear to be identical except for the difference in carrier oil. I asked her which one would she buy and she replied, “The flakes in the coconut oil.”  I asked her why and she replied, “It’s better than the one in olive oil.”

I push a little more wanting to understand why the coconut oil is better. She said, “It’s as close to it’s natural state in coconut oil that I can get it in.” BINGO! She understands our thinking now. Mir uses hemp oil because it is the most natural carrier oil to CBD oil that we can get. It offers a lot of health   benefits but mainly it comes from the same plant that is producing our CBD oil. It makes sense to combine the two and reap the health benefits both oils provide.

All of Mir’s tinctures are only available in 1-oz bottles because we didn’t want to offer bigger bottles that reduced the strength in our CBD tinctures. Mir also did not want to use MCT oil since CBD oil is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant. We wanted to use the most natural oil for our CBD oil that we could. We dreamed we could and so we did.