At Mir we offer a 350mg Pet Friendly Full Spectrum CBD oil and I am often asked if pets really need the supplement and I always answer “Absolutely” and here’s why. I have always had dogs in my life and have occasionally been adopted by a cat along the way. Right now, Murphy is my 6-year-old cat and he takes the Mir tincture and I just brought home Ziggy, who is a 4 month old giant schnoodle puppy. Murphy has been taking the supplement for almost 3 years now and Ziggy has been taking it for six weeks now. I am excited to see how a pet does as a user for life and I will keep you posted on Ziggy as he grows and develops. Ziggy takes his supplement directly from the dropper and loves it. With Murphy, I place his dosage directly into his food and that is the way he consumes his daily supplement.

My son adopted a Great Dane-Pitbull mix that he named Omar. Omar was born in the local shelter and had developed mange. When my son took a six-month trip, he asked if Omar could live with me while he was gone. So as my son gets ready to leave, he shows me the shampoo I am to bath Omar on a weekly basis to keep the mange from flaring up. I am looking at this 90-pound dog and could not image getting him into the tub once a week and after looking at the ingredients in the medicated shampoo and Omar’s dry flaking skin, I decided to try our Pet Friendly tincture daily and forgo weekly baths.

Within the first week, Omar’s flakes were gone, and his coat had a shine to it. I continued the daily regiment and continued watching his coat and skin. He never had a flare up. The flakes didn’t come back, and his fur had a gloss to it. I was pleased and not surprised since our tinctures have worked well for people with psoriasis and other skin disorders. Have I mentioned the antibacterial properties in Mir’s full spectrum CBD oil? This occurs naturally and so does the anti-inflammation properties in our CBD oil.

Then as we approached the 4th of July, I discovered Omar was terrified of fireworks. I came home and he was panting and shedding a lot of fur. I do believe he was having a panic attack. I began talking to him as calm as possible, so he knew there was nothing to fear but that didn’t help so I gave him an entire dropperful of our tincture. Within 5 minutes he was calmly sitting next to me on the sofa. Ten minutes later he was stretched out on the floor snoring as my neighbors shot off their grand finale. Omar could care less about the fireworks and I saw how our CBD full spectrum oil worked within minutes to calm a panicked, scared animal. If you have an older dog, CBD products can work great for hip problems, arthritis and inflammation (just like people). If you have a dog that is frightened and anxious, it can help keep them calm. It is a great daily supplement.

There are things to look for when shopping for your pets CBD products. No imported oils for you or your pets. This is so important since there is a flood of cheap imported oils from outside North America. All of our CBD oil is made from organic industrial hemp grown in Kentucky.  We only offer the tinctures since the heating process destroys the health benefits of the oils (CBD oil and hemp oil have a low heat tolerance).  If your dog won’t take the tincture directly from the dropper like Omar and Ziggy does, give them a small square piece of bread (or other treat they love) and place the oil in that. Stay away from sweeteners, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and artificial colors. If the tincture has xylitol as an ingredient, stay away from it because this artificial sweetener is very harmful to dogs (  Read the ingredients label because your pet can’t and you need to advocate for them. If the label says hemp oil and does not list cbd or cannabinoid oil, the product only has hemp oil in it.

Let’s talk flavoring for a minute. How many times have your walked outside to see you pet eating grass? I’m guessing plenty of times. CBD oil and hemp oil have a strong earthy taste very similar to grass. So stay away from the chicken or bacon flavor CBD products. There really is no need flavoring other than to make you feel good about it. My dogs love the natural flavor in Mir’s 350mg Pet Friendly. Most dogs will take this supplement eagerly. For those that don’t take it directly from the dropper, put it in their favorite treat or add to their food.

How much should you give your pet? Here is a general guideline for dosage based off our 350mg Pet Friendly tincture. All our droppers are marked so you can see what a full dropper looks like (and the ¼, 1/2, and ¾ dropperful) and it is easy to accurately see how much to give your pet with our dropper design. If your pet weight is up to 15 pounds give them 0.25ml (¼ dropper) per day (or as needed); 16-30 pounds 0.50ml (½ dropper) per day; 31-45 pounds 0.75ml (¾ dropper) per day; and 46 and up 1.0ml dropper per day. Once you see how your pet reacts with CBD oil, you can adjust the dosage as you feel is needed.

Adding a reliable, quality CBD supplement into your pet’s daily regime is a good thing for them. This supplement is high in Omega 3, which has been linked to helping dogs lose excess weight ( A quality CBD supplement helps with inflammatory diseases, mobility issues, anxiety, and more. Why would you not want to introduce this supplement to them?